Monday, March 9, 2015

Racist chant at Oklahoma University raises larger questions

This is the vile, despicable chant by members of an Oklahoma University fraternity that got a fraternity chapter closed for good, and should result in several student suspensions and expulsions (warning: racist language, including the n-word):

The university took swift and decisive action, to their credit, but the underlying cause of the students' actions are what need to be examined more closely. Was this an isolated group of hate-filled bigots? Do their feelings mirror those of any other groups on campus? Was the chant something they learned from previous fraternity brothers and passed down from class to class, as is tradition with many things in Greek campus life?  Or was this just a handful of idiots making a racist joke without realizing how ignorant and repugnant they looked?

A sad commentary on college life on at least one campus--a campus that is 27,000 students strong, only 5 percent of whom are African-American.

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