Monday, March 9, 2015

White House confirms: President Obama is a liar

It was Saturday evening that President Barack Obama told CBS News that the very first time he had learned of his former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, using a private email account during her 4 years in the Obama administration, was right now--from news reports--at the same time the rest of us found out (30 seconds in):

It was Monday morning that White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest admitted to the press pool...that his boss...was a brazen liar. Sort of. (34 seconds in):

The ongoing effort by this administration of pathological liars to cover for one another each time they are caught deceiving the public and hiding from the legislature is unprecedented.

How can the President tell CBS that he never knew Clinton had a private email account...when she had sent him numerous communications from that precise email address?

Oh, wait!  We already know the answer!  This is just another:

Even if you buy Earnest's desperate explanation that Obama didn't know the "details" of Clinton's private servers, etc, how much did he have to know to realize that the emails she sent him for four full years never came from an address that ended in ".gov" ???

Either the President was too ignorant to know that all official federal email correspondence was supposed to be sent via ".gov" accounts, or he was complicit in her attempts to keep her business cloaked in secrecy, which of course sits quite well with the administration's braggadocious claim of being the "most transparent" in US history.

Stay tuned--this cartoon is just getting started: Hillary has promised to speak on the issue within a couple days.

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