Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Is Ohio "Going to Pot"? Join the debate here...

With the emerging view of marijuana as an acceptable social drug in states across the country, it was only a matter of time before some pro-pot group decided to bring the issue to the voters of Ohio.

The group "Responsible Ohio"--an oxymoron given the substance of the group's goals--has begun circulating petitions to get the measure on the ballot, arguing that taxing and regulating the sale of marijuana is a good idea.

Tuesday (March 31) on The Bob Frantz Authority, we'll discuss the issue at length with Bill Bennett, former drug czar under President George H.W. Bush, Salem Radio Talk Show Host, and author of "Going to Pot: Why the Rush to LegalizeMarijuana Is Harming America" will join me at 9:35.  

Following Dr. Bennett, we'll speak with Chris Long of the Ohio Christian Alliance, who will argue against the legalization of the drug in Ohio.

And at 10:35, Ian James, of "Responsible Ohio" will state his case on behalf of legalization.

Whether you are "pro" or "con" on the idea...this will be an informative program you do not want to miss!