Friday, January 9, 2015

Charlie Hebdo's Cartoons Translated and Explained in Three Minutes

The mass murder of 12 workers--and the injuring of 11 others--at the French satirical news magazine, Charlie Hebdo, is even more terrifying than the horrific loss of life suggests that it is.

The execution of these journalists for having the temerity to insult "The Prophet" through cartoon parodies and comic sketches has shone a new light on just what kind of enemy we continue to face around the world. And unless we begin to show a unified resolve to seek out and destroy that enemy, free-speech-enjoying nations like our own will be forever threatened.

Because the attack was in France and not in the United States, it doesn't appear that we as American people have a full understanding of just how devastating these murders were. To give it some context, the staff at Charlie Hebdo would comparable to the cast of Saturday Night Live here in the U.S. 

We have all seen the SNL crew doing parodies of celebrity figures--often political, and sometimes religious--knowing full well that they were pushing the boundaries of good taste, and that some may be extremely offended by the content. 

You may recall, for example, the sketch involving noted Christian quarterback Tim Tebow and Jesus Christ himself at halftime of a Broncos' game:

Now, can you imagine what we would feel as a nation if 3 armed, fanatical CHRISTIANS stormed into Rockefeller Center and started shooting up the SNL cast for daring to insult Jesus?

Well that's precisely what happened in France, when Muslim lunatics gunned down the staff at Charlie Hebdo. And that's why it's so important for the rest of the world to unite with one another and make clear to the millions of Muslim jihadists who support those murders that we will not live in fear. We will not temper our free speech, our entertainment vehicles, our comedic skits, or our commentary out of fear for our own lives.

The moment we decide that we won't draw pictures of Mohammed or make jokes about Islam is the moment we acknowledge that these killers have changed our lives and limited the freedom that God himself bestowed upon us.

To that end, I find it particularly important for us to understand more about Charlie Hebdo and the satirical images they produced. The following is a closer look at the cartoons that cost these innocent people their lives, translated and explained for all to understand:

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