Friday, January 9, 2015

Anti-Police Activist 'Shoots' Unarmed Suspect: "My attitude has changed."

So you think it's easy to be a police officer, huh?  

You think it's easy to determine when your life is in danger and when it isn't? 

You think that a suspect who is unarmed is no threat to you, and that you'd NEVER shoot an unarmed person, right?

And that's why you're marching with all the other anti-police protesters, demanding that these "murderers with badges" go to prison for shooting unarmed suspects?

That's what this Phoenix, AZ activist thought, too. It's why he was one of the loudest anti-police voices in the city--and it's why he was offered a chance to experience what it's really like for police officers in those life-and-death moments.

So what happened when he was facing the same situation that officers face on a daily basis?  See for yourself:

So did the activist, Rev. Jarrett Maupin, learn a lesson here?  Possibly:

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