Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Obama lost...which means Israel won

So who was the big loser in Tuesday's Israeli election?  It wasn't Benjamin Netanyahu's opponent, that's for sure.

Wait a second...actually, it was. His AMERICAN opponent:

"One round of anti-Israeli moves after another followed, Obama— along with Vice President Biden and Secretary of State John Kerry— most recently openly snubbing Netanyahu on his recent visit to address a joint meeting of Congress. This was followed by the revelation that an Obama operative had been dispatched to Israel— and the possible use of American taxpayer dollars to orchestrate a campaign to defeat Bibi. 
The results? After much global publicity that Obama was out to defeat Netanyahu - Bibi won. Worse from the Obama perspective? Bibi didn’t just win, he won big. In effect, Obama injected himself into an Israeli election – and just got clobbered."

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