Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Shep Smith describes--in vivid detail--the burning alive of Jordanian hostage by ISIS

If I had the actual video, I would share it with you here.  And I would be disgusted by it, as would you. But I would show you.

We cannot confront evil if we cannot even FACE evil. We need to know it. To see it. To experience it. Otherwise, the horrific, subhuman, unspeakable act of burning a human being alive will pass by our eyes as just another shot in a distant war...just another we move on to the sports page or flip on Entertainment Tonight.

And when that happens, our response will merely mimic that of our weak-willed, spineless occupant of the White House...and the threat against us will grow.

We must see this. We must confront this. And since I cannot show you this, I offer this graphic description of the ISIS video, as described by Shepard Smith.  Watch it. Listen to it. Close your eyes and picture it.

You must.

We must.

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