Wednesday, February 4, 2015

If you choose to see this video, know this: It can NEVER be "unseen"

***Before you read on, please understand: This post is not intended to exploit this man's suffering, to increase "page views" of a website, to gain social media followers, or to give undue attention to the murderers and their cause. It is intended for no other reason than the one detailed below. Thank you.


It is my most sincere belief that in order for us to defeat--in order for us to destroy--our enemy...we must KNOW our enemy.

You have heard that the barbaric animals that make up the Islamic State have executed a captured Jordanian pilot--by burning him alive.

Hearing this news probably made you cringe. It probably saddened you. Then it sickened you. Then it angered you.

But then, probably, someone else started talking. About the game, about their kids, about who got divorced, about whatever...and those feelings of sadness, sickness, and anger...probably left you.

Because other things happened, and your mind shifted, as it would for all of us, when the subject at hand was changed.

That is precisely why we cannot just "hear about" this atrocity. We can't just give it "news of the day" attention, and then move right along with the rest of the day's news.

It is my belief that this unspeakable horror must leave an imprint on your mind.. On your soul.  On ALL our souls.

That's why I forced myself to watch the 23 minute video--roughly 18 of which are propaganda--of a human being...burning to death.

And for the record, I am a person who does not do well....
with videos of people in severe pain. I have only seen Joe Theisman's compound leg fracture once in 30 years. I refuse to click on videos of other athletes, like Paul George and Kevin Ware, who are lying on the ground in immense pain after breaking bones or worse.

These images sicken me, and I won't watch them.

Yet I repeat: I forced myself to watch this man burning to death.

And you should, too.

When you see this horror, my friends, you cannot just move on.

You can't just erase it.

You can't dismiss this story as "just another example of their barbarism" as President Obama so callously did, before falling back on the same, tired "we will degrade and ultimately defeat ISIL" line.
When you see this unimaginable agony, you will feel it. And that feeling will stay with you, just as seeing the twin towers being hit...and seeing them a feeling that will never leave you. 

Just like seeing, and hearing, the bodies of human beings jumping to their deaths from 100 stories into the sky to escape a raging inferno...will never leave you.

And that's why we must see this. 

Don't let the feeling leave you. For when you do--when WE do--that's when we let our guard down. 

That's when we stop pressing forward. We stop pressing our leaders to do what needs to be done. 

We stop demanding that the security of our people--of our children--and all those around the world who are at risk due to the atrocities of these Jihadist Muslim animals--be secured by wiping the killers and those who support them from the face of this earth.

Not "contained". Not "degraded". Not "defeated".  WIPED FROM THE FACE OF THIS EARTH.



Please know that it is: 

And by all means:


But if you believe, as I do, that we must confront this head on...

...that we cannot bury our heads in the sand and pretend this ISN'T the single defining struggle of our time...

...that our actions today will determine what kind of world our children and grandchildren grow up in tomorrow...

...that we cannot simply let it pass by as "just another ISIS murder"...

...then find a quiet place to sit and watch. 

And cry.  

And let the images be imprinted on your mind's eye as if with a branding iron.

And pray for God's blessing upon the innocent.


  1. Time is gold. We should treasure every second of it so that in time we will not regret anything because we only live ones.I have read your article and i was glad and inspired. Thanks for it, Cheers!
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  2. The problem in the US is that we do forget easily. This was not an attack on Jordan, the US, or infidels. This was an attack on humanity. And any country that does not participate in the extermination of these animals (including the US) is no part of humanity at all.

    Last I heard,there are about 40,000 of these creeps called ISIS. That's about the amount of people you can fit into a pro football stadium. And we (along with other countries) can't wipe them out????

    I didn't watch the video; I couldn't. All I need to know is what happened, and that's enough for me to support any decision by Obama to kill every last one of these vermin because they don't belong in the same world with civilized people.

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