Tuesday, January 13, 2015

White House Explains Why They Refuse to Blame 'Radical Islam' for Paris murders!

In yet another stunning statement, after already admitting that the President made a mistake by not sending someone with a "higher profile" to march with 40 other world leaders in a unified stand against radical Islamic terrorists, White House spokesman Josh Earnest has now explained why the administration refuses to join the rest of the world in decrying Islamic terrorism:

That's right: The President does not believe that "radical Islam" or "Islamic jihad" was behind the killings of the Charlie Hebdo staff...despite the shouts of "Alluah Akhabar" by the gunmen.

Is there NO depth to which this man won't stoop to apologize for, legitimize, and justify acts of terror committed by Islamic killers?!?

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  1. NOW they claim they want accuracy. Too bad they didn't have that same desire for accuracy when it came to Obama Care, Benghazi or Fast and Furious.