Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Surviving Charlie Hebdo Editors Deliver Defiant Message To Jihadists!

In the first magazine printed since the violent Islamic attacks on  Charlie Hebdo, the editors and staff have decided to make their feelings known--on the cover:

"I am Charlie"

The cover features yet another caricature of the prophet Muhammad, in direct defiance of the threats--and eventual violent acts--delivered by radical Muslims.

"It was not the front page the world wanted us to make, but it was the one that we wanted to make," he said. "It was not the front page the terrorists wanted us to make, because there are no terrorists in it, there is just a man crying, a guy crying - it's Mohammad."

Do you think other news outlets around the world should follow Charlie Hebdo's lead, and declare to the terrorists that we are not afraid? That murder and terror will not force us to change our lives and surrender our freedoms?  What do you think of the cover?  Discuss with us on The Bob Frantz Authority, M-F from 9-11 AM.

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