Sunday, April 12, 2015

A Brief Guide to Hillary. A must-read for every voter.

Ladies and Gentlemen: Hillary Rodham Clinton.  

(Click photo for details, courtesy of the Washington Examiner)

Read. Study. Share.
  1. Travelgate 
  2. Hillarycare secrecy 
  3. Whitewater 
  4. Filegate 
  5. Removing files from Vince Foster’s office 
  6. Lost Rose Law Firm billing records 
  7. Commerce Department’s “pay to play” junkets 
  8. Renting Lincoln Bedroom 
  9. John Huang 
  10. Charlie Trie 
  11. Johnny Chung 
  12. No controlling legal authority 
  13. Monica Lewinsky and impeachment 
  14. Pardongate 
  15. The Bosnia airport sniper lie 
  16. The email scandal 
  17. The Clinton Foundation 

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