Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Mayor Jackson's apology: Did he just 'testify' for the plaintiffs?

Mayor Frank Jackson has apologized to the family of Tamir Rice, and to the citizens of Cleveland, for the 'insensitive' language in the city's response to the lawsuit.
While we ALL agree that what happened was a tragedy...one question emerges from the mayor's statement: Is he intentionally trying to lose the lawsuit? 

His statements twice refer to Tamir as a "victim" rather than someone shot lawfully by an officer in the line of duty, which is the city's defense.  

He also states directly that, "There's no way a 12-year-old should die."

Regardless of your opinion of what happened that day at Cuddell...did the mayor just essentially testify on behalf the plaintiffs...rather than assist his city in the defense?
We will discuss this morning on The Bob Frantz Authority on Newstalk WHK.

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  1. Either way, I do NOT think that Frankie was sincere in that apology. NOT at all.