Thursday, February 26, 2015

Obama to ICE and Border Patrol: 'You will ignore the judge, and OBEY MY ORDERS!'

Barack Obama's unconstitutional executive order of amnesty for over 4 million illegal aliens in the United States--amnesty that he declared on 22 separate occasions that he has NO AUTHORITY to grant--has been challenged in federal court by 26 states.

A federal judge in Texas has halted the implementation of that order, which means that, pending an appeal, the order is no longer valid.

Yet here he is--the Commander in Chief--ordering ICE and Border Patrol agents to obey his order anyway--or face "consequences."

This man has already cast aside the legislative branch of the US government by failing to work through congress and enact his order as a law, and now he is casting aside the judicial branch as well.  

'Ignore the judge's stay of my order,' the president says, or face the consequences. 

What will he do to agents who deport illegals while this is being debated in court? Fire them? Prosecute them?

The man is creating a nation that does not exist. He has rendered null and void the power of 2/3 of the branches of American government, branches that were granted equal power under the Constitution by our Founding Fathers.

Yes, the president is indeed doing what he promised he would do: He is fundamentally transforming America.  He is transforming it from something he does not like...into something he wants it to be.

Which means, truthfully, that Rudy Giulani was right.

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  1. I'm sorry, Mr. President. I was in the military and you were not. In the military you are obligated by law, as laid down in the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) to DISOBEY unlawful orders! This president is advocating the NAZI death camp guard's defense of "I was just following orders" in his demand that ICE and Border Patrol agents obey his orders despite a federal judge's legal stay of those orders.