Thursday, February 12, 2015

"Random Rants from Bob Frantz": Feb. 13 edition

I truly feel sorry for the young baseball players on the Jackie Robinson West team...but not because their title was stripped. 
I feel sorry for them because they are being raised by parents and other authority figures who have taught them THIS lesson:  
"When you grow up, if you decide to cut corners here and there...if you decide to cheat the system...if you decide to break the rules...and you get's what you do:  Look down at your arm, point to your skin, then look back at the person who caught you, then point at him...and CALL HIM A RACIST."

Vice President Joe Biden: Who's your buddy, who's your pal?

It was only six months ago that President Obama declared Yemen to be a shining example of how to combat terrorism. Our success there would be the blueprint for fighting ISIS in Iraq and Syria. So relax, critics. Obama's got this.
This week, our United States Marines were ordered to surrender / destroy their weapons and flee Yemen, along with everyone at the American embassy, due to security threats.
Does anyone else remember the good old days...when security threats were made against America and her interests...and we called the Marines IN?

"Chapel Hill 'rocked' by killings of 3 Muslim students" read the headlines. I'm just curious: If those 3 shooting victims were Christians, do you think their religious affiliation makes their way into those headlines?
Me neither.
But the media in this country doesn't report news anymore. It must create news. And here we are.

Still wondering why the Emperor would use Executive Action to order a blanket amnesty to over 4 million illegal aliens in the United States, after stating on 22 different occasions that he did not have the authority to do so?

You can stop wondering.

Wait a second: We actually need a LAW that bans the viewing of pornography on federal computers?  Why are we wasting time on this kind of thing?!?
Oh yeah, sorry. Forgot about that.

My bad.


"He covered wars and violence on every continent. He was kidnapped by Saddam Hussein's soldiers in Iraq, where he was beaten and spat upon because he was a Jew. he survived, and he searched for more adventures."

Yes, Bob Simon lived the journalistic life that Brian Williams has always pretended to live.

RIP, Mr. Simon.

Speaking of lies about heroism in the line of fire...if Brian Williams can be suspended, and possibly fired from NBC for his whopper...will America have the guts to fire this habitual liar from future public office?

Stand up, America.  

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