Monday, February 2, 2015

Join us for a special VIP screening of 'American Sniper' Tuesday evening!

Why, several people have asked me, are you holding a private screening of a movie that most people have already seen?  Why are you screening a film that has already grossed nearly $250 million domestically?  

It's a fair question. Let me try to answer.

Since the premier of 'American Sniper' nearly 3 weeks ago, there has been a cacophony of sound coming from the anti-war left, criticizing our military heroes and branding some of them as murderers, racists, and psychopaths. Those terms have been applied not only to Chris Kyle, upon whom the movie is based, but other combat soldiers as well--especially snipers.

Our purpose for arranging this private screening is so that those who have NOT seen the movie, and even those who are seeing it for the second or third times, may do so in a theater filled with like-minded people--specifically the listeners of AM 1420 The Answer--so that they may share their feelings with one another, drawing strength and support from one another after this very emotional experience.

Even more importantly, we want the people who join us for the movie to share in the special panel discussion of the movie, our military, the struggle to defend our country against violent jihadists, and the struggle our returning veterans have when returning home with physical or psychological injuries.

The guests who view the movie with us will get to meet and ask questions of army officers such as Lt. General Robert Wagner, SFC David Hack, and several combat veterans who have experienced much of the same trauma experienced by Chris Kyle himself.

I will moderate the discussion, in the hopes of sharing the stories of our heroes, and gaining a better understanding of the fight that is ongoing--and the fights that are yet to begin.

I hope you'll click the link above and purchase your tickets to join us Tuesday evening. If you cannot purchase online, remaining tickets will be sold online at the box office at the Atlas Cinemas Great Lakes 16 in Mentor.  

Net proceeds from this event will be donated to assist our wounded warriors, so please do everything you can to join us.  Thank you in advance for your patriotism.  -Bob

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