Monday, February 23, 2015

A new low for the Plain Dealer

Take a look at this cover illustration on the Plain Dealer's "Forcing Change" series, in which they've spent months misleading the public about issues involving Cleveland police.  For months, they've re-printed stories from years gone by AS IF THEY WERE CURRENT EVENTS.

Now, to wrap it up, this is the graphic they chose for the cover. This is their idea of unbiased journalism.

A chalk-outline...of a shooting victim....with their hands-up:

There is apparently no depth to which this vile publication will not stoop.

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  1. I am appalled at what "main stream media" does to sensationalize certain things happening in America that further continue the divisiveness of its peoples that has been occurring over the past 6+ years. It is so very sad to see how race relations have deteriorated by these clowns posing as "news writers". Tensions seem worse than they were in the 60's. Don't they realize that the blood is on their hands? I am saddened that there seem to be fewer and fewer ways for us to learn facts about the world around us, that there are dwindling numbers of true "jjournalists" that we can trust. I stopped receiving and reading the Plain Dealer years ago when I realized that the only real journalist left on their staff was Kevin O'Brien. I found I could read his columns online so my family no longer needed that 'news' from the PD, we can get all of that BS at the grocery store checkout.