Monday, January 26, 2015

Unarmed suspect killed by officer in November--ignored by media, govt. leaders

As the focus continues to be on people of color being killed in confrontations by police, why did the shooting of THIS unarmed suspect being shot--captured by police body camera--not make it to the national news?

I'll give you one guess.

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  1. The media focuses in on whatever will make them money. News coverage is not a social obligation any longer, it's all about business.

    Whites will not tune in to learn about a black officer shooting an unarmed white. Quite the opposite when a white cop shoots an unarmed black. That draws a huge black audience and a somewhat large white audience.

    It works both ways though. For instance, we've had black parent(s) kill their children, even babies in Cleveland. It never makes national news. Why? Because who would care about that story? On the other hand, take a hot white middle-class mother with a baby that took a picture like an angel, now we have a national audience. You don't get that with a murdered black baby that lived in our projects somewhere. It's local news if that.